Beginning with Snoopy as her favorite muse, Heather has been drawing and painting dogs since she was a child. She often chooses “the underdog” as her subject and equally loves rescue pups, senior dogs and strays. “Dogs have no pretense, just an innate desire to please and a lack of self-awareness that makes them beautiful.“

She attempts to balance abstractionism and realism in her portraits, using an expressive layering of paint and a graphic use of space. Planes of uneven color, gestural marks and calculated drips mark her style, and dogs are often the focus of the finished piece. While the dogs may give her a voice, she strives to transcend the singular category of dog art.

Heather’s work has been featured in the New York Post, Modern Dog Magazine and HGTV among several other publications. Many notable blogs such as Dog Art Today and Design Milk have featured her work as well.